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Ignacio Gonzalez

producer - mixing - mastering - recording engineer

Manager of Savannah Studios, & Co-Owner of Lolipop Records. Producer, recording/mixing engineer & multi-instrumentalist. Has worked with acts such as Brenda Halloway (Motown Records), The 5,6,7,8s (Japan), Drugdealer, Jeffertitti’s Nile, Mystic Braves, The Watts Youth Choir, James Gadson, Thee Sinseers,  various composers on film scores, and many more. 


Taylor Graves

producer - pianist - writer - recording engineer

Singer, songwriter, musician, and now Grammy award winning producer —Taylor Graves is widely acclaimed within the R&B/Pop, Jazz, Funk & Electronic circuits of Los Angeles. Recognized behind-the-scenes as a vocalist, composer, and keys instrumentalist, his work heavily contributes to an ever-shifting musical landscape with ingenuity and originality 


Graves holds credits with a variety of esteemed artists like Thundercat, Flying Lotus, Mac Miller, Kimbra, Kamasi Washington and more. He has also recorded with a multitude of legendary artists ranging from Dr. Dre, Ty Dolla sign, DJ Battlecat, Mark Anthony, Lianne La Havas, Skrillex and Gavin Turek to name a few. Not only is he a highly esteemed producer, but performer and master musician as well


Wyatt Blair

producer - mixing - mastering - recording engineer

The founder & co-owner of Lolipop Records & manager of Savannah Studios. Producer, mixing engineer, drummer & solo artist. Has worked with artists Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel, The Buttertones, Animotion, Kate Clover, Astrologer, Winter, Beach Bums, Mystic Braves, Peach Kelli Pop, Acid Tongue, Maiah Manser, David Turel, solo albums + many more

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